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Project Hathian

Project Update
With the grace of God Almighty, we have been making progress on our various activities aimed at assisting the IDPs in Hathian. Our current assessment of the overall IDP situation in the area is that while some relief goods are being provided to IDPs, they are clearly not adequate. Project Hathian has maintained a continous presence in Hathian, at the Hathian Higher Secondary School and at the Old Hathian Mandi next to the school which is being used as our distribution centre. Project teams have been regularly visiting Hathian and surrounding areas and coordinating with local residents, IDPs and some NGOs operating in the area. We been supplying local IDPs with food and household packs, running a free langar/kitchen at the Hathian Mandi and
assisting IDPs residing in various schools in the area through various activities.

Progress since May 22

1. Distribution of over 1,000 family food packets to Hathian house based IDPs from funds raised by PH

2. Provision of household items to 140 resident families of the Hathian Secondary High School

3. Coordination with representatives of Dewan Petroleum and Rotary Club in distribution of over 250 family food packs to house based IDPs in Hathian and remote locations

4. Organisation of various activities for the students of Hathian School (medical camp, magic show, sports equipment, stationery items etc)

5. Handing over of Hathian School Langar to international NGO following successful operation for over two weeks

Ongoing Activities

1. Running Free Langar/Kitchen at the hathian Mandi.

2. Distribution of food packs strictly on need basis focusing on remote locations outside Hathian

3. Coordination with other organizations/individuals in identifying and responding to critical needs of IDPs

4. Preparation and planning for the next phase of assisting IDPs in returning to their homes

Special Thanks
We would also like to specially thank the following individuals and organization for their support to Project Hathian:

– Islamabad Jeep Club for their wholehearted assistance and participation in all project activities.

– Dewan Petroleum Ltd. for their tremendous effort of distributing 3,000 family food packs (“the DPL Bucket”) to IDPs across the Mardan region

– Rotary Club and particularly Mr. Zahid Sheikh for their efforts in assisting the residents of Ghamghol Killay

– The Scouts of Hathian Higher Secondary School for their support in various Project activities in and around the Hathian School

– The entire Project team based in Hathian, who are toiling day and night and fighting on several fronts to help the IDPs.

Photos and Updates
Following is a set of photos and updates covering a small part of the project activities to date:
1. Photos of Langar at the Mandi  –
2. Photos of Food Packs Distribution at the Mandi  –
3. Photos of varios Project activities –
4. Photos of Dewan Petroleum Distribution at Hathian Mandi –
5. Photos of Rotary Club Distribution at Lund Khwar –
6. Updates, Photos and Videos by the key project participants, the Islamabad Jeep Club –
7. Update and Video of Magic Show arranged at the Hathian High School –



Project Hathian is a voluntary relief effort launched by a group of volunteers based in Islamabad for the assistance of IDPs based in the vicinity of Hathian, Mardan. The Project is not a Govt. project/ NGO/non-profit organization or any representative body or organization in any form, but an initiative by a set of individuals based on personal funds and contributions from friends, family and like minded individuals in Pakistan and abroad.

Map of UC Hathian in District Mardan

Progress (as of May 22):

With the help of the local community, friends and other individuals, until May 22, Project Hathian (“PH”) has managed to organize the following key activities:

1. Daily provision of cooked food to over 1,500 IDPs from the PH food stall/langar set up at Hathian High School for both school and house based IDPs – Ongoing, initiated May 15

2. Distribution of food items/household utensils/basic medicines/bedding etc – 4 consignments delivered on May 12, 14, 17 and 22.

3. Registration and issuance of PH ration cards to IDP – house based and school based – Ongoing

4. Distribution of 400 Family Food Packs (dry rations) and 400 Family Household Items Packs – Ongoing, target completion May 23

5. Empowerment of the local and IDP community on self basis through Formation of a PH Committee to oversee and monitor activities – May 14

6. Deployment of two PH representatives in Hathian and visits by Volunteer teams to provide physical and moral support – Ongoing

7. Emergency treatment of school based newborn baby with serious heart condition in Rawalpindi – Ongoing

Future Activities:

1. Organisation of Hathian and Swat IDP football teams for a friendly match

2. Setting up of Children’s Library at Higher Secondary School, Hathian.

3. Completion of issuance of PH cards to all IDPs in Hathian with all details verified by PH rep

4. Setting up a medical camp focusing on issues health, psychological and psychiatric issues

5. Setting up of food stall/langar at Ghamghol Kilay (around 100 IDP families being supported by local community, no assistance from Govt./NGOs as yet)

6. Continued supply of ration to the food stall/langar and family food packages for house based IDPs

7. Continued provision of family household packs and items where required

Project Background:

On May 11, 2009 a small group of individuals initiated a voluntary effort to assist the IDPs and local community in Hathian village (30kms from Mardan, 3kms off main Malakand road). In Union Council Hathian, there are 11 schools that have been converted into make-shift IDP camps of which at the main school (Govt. Higher Secondary School, U.C. Hathian, Mardan) alone there are around 775 individual. A much larger number is residing in houses of the locals from Hathian and the total number of registered IDPs in this union council is said to be over 10,000 (unconfirmed).

From First Steps to Today

We first visited Hathian on May 12, met with local and IDP reps, and were informed that IDPs in Hathian had not received any assistance at that point and were entirely being supported by the local community. The local residents were not only supporting around 4 to 5 families each house but were also supporting the population of the IDPs in the schools. The situation had become unsustainable owing to the continuous influx of IDPs particularly during the May 10-15 period. We decided to set up a food stall/langar which would provide cooked food to school residents and needy IDPs in houses. To coordinate and focus our efforts, we put together a Committee comprising of the school vice-principal, 2 Hathian reps, 2 IDP reps and one project rep.

On our last visit, we verified that 8 to10 deigs of food were being prepared and over 1,500 people were being served food twice a day. PH cards are being issued to Hathian IDPs following verification of the number of families/people in each house/school room. Packs of food rations and household items are being distributed and being noted on the cards of each recipient. A new location Ghamghol Kilay (3 kms from Hathian) has also been identified where around 100 IDP families are still awaiting their first visit/assessment by a Govt/NGO rep.  Next visit is planned for Sunday, May 24 and anyone wanting to come along is cordially invited.

How can I Help?

Sustaining the project requires significant funds and resources and our reliance is primarily on contributions which may be in cash/kind. While cash contributions allow us the flexibility to meet the immediate needs of the day, contributions in kind may also be provided in any form which you feel would assist the project and improve the lives of the IDPs. In addition, we require volunteers who are able to assist in field activities.

Where is Hathian?

Hathian is located around 30 kms from Mardan, a comfortable driving time of 2 – 2.5 hrs (depending on traffic and taste). Travelling up the Malakand road from Mardan, one passes through Takht Bai (famous for its chappal kababs), Jalala town and reaches Shair-garh (lions’ den in Urdu and Pashto) where you  make a right turn onto Hathian road and drive for about 2kms. After crossing the railway crossing, one takes another right turn along the canal to reach the Hathian Higher Secondary School after around 1 km.

Special Thanks:

The list of people whom we have to thank is very extensive but must include the following:

– Islamabad Jeep Club (IJC): for their tremendous support in terms of planning, funds, goods, logistics and manpower.

– Strategic Business Unit (SBU): for their assistance in developing the project concept and continued assistance in the execution phase

– Dr Tauseef Ahmed: for his enormous trust and confidence in the Project Team and for the significant contribution of funds he has single handedly and conscientiously raised

– Master Ehtesham (Vice-Principal, Govt. High School Hathian): for his un-ending dedication and commitment to the IDP cause and invaluable contribution to the Project.

– Fahad Khan: for his continued support and assistance as a resident of Hathian who is making a tremendous contribution to the community and IDPs in terms of his personal resources and time.

Key Individuals:

Hathian Committee Members:

Master Ehtesham (Vice-Principal, Govt. High School Hathian), Fahad Khan (Hathian Community Rep), Waqar Khan (Hathian Community Rep), Usman Khan (IDP Representative)

Ustad Mohammad Asif (Project Representative)

Project Hathian Team:

Suhaib Kiani, Mosharraf Zaidi, Hassan Sami, Dr Ehsan Kiani, Ustad Mohammad Asif, Taimur Khan, Shabbab Khan, Ali Raza, Waqas Khan and several members of the Islamabad Jeep Club.


4 Responses to “Project Hathian”

  1. Dr Tauseef Ahmed said

    Suhaib: Thank you for sharing these pictures and website. I thought you told me the schools are out of Mardan going towards Malakand. Hattian is next door to Haripur and Abbottabad. RIGHT.

    Anyways, relevant pictures need to be added – people being served, people access to water, food, bedding etc that has been passed on to them by you. Moreover, pictures of trucks loading and unloading are important. Food being cooked and distributed is important.

    Do inform regarding your need assessment. Health issues. Boys issues. Women health matters. Children health. Water treatment, etc. All need to be shared so that relevant people could be motivated to see your website and donate more.

    Tauseef Ahmed

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