Internally Displaced People in Pakistan

Updates about IDPs from FATA, Swat, Dir and Buner


Mehreen Mirza is organizing a collection drive in Lahore…


Details on Facebook


Help the displaced people of Swat.

Help the displaced people of Swat.


Basic Info

Type: Organizations – Volunteer Organizations
Description: More than a million people of Swat, Buner, Dir and the adjacent areas have left their homes in order to move away from the war zone. They had to leave behind most of their belongings and take bare minimum with them. Many of them had to walk on foot to reach the camps in safer areas and during this journey a number of family members got separated. These people who are used to the pleasant weather of Swat valley are now taking refuge in areas with hot weather. The lucky ones have tents to protect themselves from hot sun but many are still waiting to be provided with tents.  

We all have the responsibility to help our people in need. Lets stand up to this challenge and be counted. Lets not wait for someone else to help them. Lets not wait for foreign aid. Lets get together and do whatever is possible.

Contact Info

Office: Lahore
Location: Model Town. 

Lahore, Pakistan


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