Internally Displaced People in Pakistan

Updates about IDPs from FATA, Swat, Dir and Buner


This website is a makeshift, and collaborative effort that is a response to what many experts and interested on-lookers see as the largest humanitarian crisis in Pakistani history. As a result of conflict in northwestern Pakistan, hundreds of thousands of innocent citizens are leaving their homes to escape the violence. 

The primary purpose is to track the estimates and the real-time data that is cited by international organizations, such as the UN, as well as the government agencies (NDMA and others) to determine and communicate the scale of the problem. 

Some additional information in terms of the latest news items, the status of the IDP camps, and the kinds of organizations that you may want to support is also provided here. 

We take no legal responsibility for any information here, or how it is used. However, we take very seriously, this work. We hope it is useful, and that if you have additional information, or ideas, that you’ll come forward to share them. 

Many thanks. 


Pakistan IDPs Team


6 Responses to “About”

  1. Splendid effort. Your link is added at

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Aliarqam said

    Peoples of BAjaur are also in the camps from the last 6 months….

  3. nazish karim said

    i wana help these peoples without money so give this oppertunity

  4. rajen nair said


    I am rajen nair a freelance journalist from Mumbai,India. I read stories about the suffering and hardship faced by the IDP of Swat. I would like to highlight their problem to the world. I need to interview some one of these IDP people and get his viewpoint across. If someone can help me who has asses to these IDP and get his version I shall be grateful.

    rajen nair

  5. Irfan said

    Hi Mosharraf Sahib,

    I think the following info might be of interest for you and you may like to put it up at an appropriate page. It is not a confirmed piece of info (as yet); I got from someone via facebook while I was looking for volunteers for Awab Alvi’s campaign:

    “you need more volunteers or any other help, contact Mr. Bakhtiyar on 0300-8996820. He might be able to help as he has got 3 medical camps in Swabi, Dargai etc. I have no way to confirm this info btw; a cause member told me so.”

    Feel free to delete this message from here. Can´t find your email address. Regards,

  6. Irtaza kazmi said

    Nice work and all the best.

    I am working on the problems and data of disabled in IDPs.

    can anyone help ??



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