Internally Displaced People in Pakistan

Updates about IDPs from FATA, Swat, Dir and Buner

Updates from UN OCHA and from The Researchers

Posted by Administrator on June 19, 2009

Three new updates, two from UN OCHA (from June 11 and June 18) and from The Researchers (from June 15) in the Key Documents section, here.

Latest UN OCHA update highlights…

  • The registration of some 1.9 million IDPs has so far been confirmed by Pakistani authorities, of whom about 260,000 IDPs are living in 27 camps and the remainder with host families.
  • Concerns have been raised regarding the establishment of several spontaneous camps in Upper Dir, and the possibility of others to follow in areas not easily accessible by the humanitarian community.
  • There are presently 10 Registration Centers and 34 Humanitarian Hubs, which distribute 47,000 MT of food and NFIs to IDPs living in and outside camps. Ten more distribution points are inside IDP camps.
  • Precautionary measures have been taken in host communities to prevent any outbreak of acute watery diarrhea (AWD) and other illnesses that could occur with the upcoming monsoon season.

One Response to “Updates from UN OCHA and from The Researchers”

  1. shandana khan said

    the registration numbers look very low. are we sure this is reaching everyone who has come down. it looks like many, many are NOT registered. shandana

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