Internally Displaced People in Pakistan

Updates about IDPs from FATA, Swat, Dir and Buner

Consolidated List of the IDP Camps

Posted by Administrator on May 12, 2009

Source: UN OCHA

Established Camps:

  1. Katch Garhi
  2. Jalozai – I
  3. Jalozai – II
  4. Yar Hussain – Swabi
  5. Shaikh Shehzad – Mardan
  6. Jalala – Takhtbai/ Mardan

Established Off-camps Humanitarian Hubs: 

  1. Haji Camp, Peshawar (Near General Bus stand, Peshawar)
  2. Nowshera (Near Social Welfare office, Nowshera)
  3. Charsadda (Mushtarika Flour Mills, Rajjar by-pass road, Charsadda)
  4. Mardan – I (Duranabad, Baghdada Road, Mardan)
  5. Mardan – II (Sange Marmar, Mardan-Swabi Road, Mardan)
  6. Mardan – III (Katlang Road, Mardan)
  7. Swabi – I (Khunda More, Near Motorway Interchange)
  8. Swabi – II (Aurangabad, Swabi-Mardan road, Swabi)
  9. Swabi – III (Naway Kalay, Near Haider CNG, Crl Gul Sher Khan Kalay, (Shaway Adda), Swabi Road, Mardan
  10. Malakand (Civil Secretariat, Batkhela, Malakand)
  11. Bajaur (Political Agent (P.A.) Colony, Khar Bajaur
  12. Kohat (Near Malik Fuel station, Bannu Road, Kohat)

Expected Off-camps Humanitarian Hubs:

  1. Takhtbai (Hujra/election office Sher Afghan Khan, Mardan Road, Takhtbai)
  2. Khairabad / Rustam (Govt. High School, Khairabad)
  3. Mardan – IV (Hoti Flour Mills, Mardan)

6 Responses to “Consolidated List of the IDP Camps”

  1. nazish karim said

    i just only say i wana helpout these peoples so give me this oppertunity and i dont want any money

  2. Yasir Rahim said

    we are coming up with doctors and medicins for IDPs . we need ur guid line that from which camp we start.

  3. muddsar said

    me need a assesment report on swat idps please guide me and gave me a brief report on swat idps
    mail address:

  4. Sajjad said

    Yesterday, I, alongwith my spouse, visited Yaar Hussain Camp, Swabi. The women there told my spouse that their main issues are;

    Milk for babies
    Hijab, because they are not comfortable with the men rouming around

  5. shandana khan said

    Dear Friends, this is an appeal to people to please contact organisations that are working OUTSIDE the camps. The bulk of the population is outside the camps. Please see the site . Our partner Sarhad Rural Support Programme is working with the NWFP government and UNHCR and our partner National Rural Support Programme is working with the WFP for food distribution in some areas. We are also working outside the camps. We are local people and know the situation well. We believe we MUST try and reach people out of the camps. There are hundreds of recent arrivals ie in the past two weeks. There is also a new influx from FATA coming in as the operation is underway there now. D I Khan alone has recorded about 30,000-40,000 people. Please see our site. Please call us for details or write to us. Assist us in reaching our displaced families. Regards, Shandana Khan, Rural Support Programmes Network, Islamabad, Pakistan

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